‘Nyeusi City’ Project

Land will be purchased nationwide to create a network of miniature cities.

Each miniature city will be named [Nyeusi City,____,__] based on the major city it is closest to and the state it is in.

Nyeusi cities will have different structures and amenities based on the amount of land available.

 The programs listed below will be part of Nyeusi cities depending on location, area needs, and zoning. 


Community Living

Land and home packages will be available for purchase.

Commercial lots will be available for purchase/rent.

Discounts, free land, and even land/facility packages will be available to small businesses who can create employment opportunities for the people in our communities.

Athletic Academy/Mentorship Program

The academy will be for students K-12, athlete or not.

Recreational and traveling athletics teams will be funded for a student athlete academy.

Students will participate in study hall, tutoring, and mentorship hours.

A full complex will be built with classrooms, athletic fields, courts, facilities, etc.


Entrepreneurial/Creative/Tech Spaces

Office spaces will be available for rent and for free in some circumastances.

Laptop, printers, office supplies, software, etc. will be available for use.


Community Garden Programs

Vegetable and fruit gardens on our Nyeusi City land.

Community vegetable and fruit gardens will be funded in Black neighborhoods outside of Nyeusi City.


 STEM & Social Services University Scholarships

Scholarships will be given to high school juniors/seniors and community college graduates/transfers who are pursuing majors in these subject areas.

Recipients will be selected based on essay submissions and transcripts.


Small Business Loans

Business loans will be financed to select individuals.

Selections will be made based on business plans submitted.


‘Roots’ Project

2 trips per year will be funded for a select number of high school students to travel to African countries and some countries of the African Diaspora.

The countries for each trip, as well as the information for essay submission for selection, will be provided at the beginning of each year.


TEFL Scholarships

Course tuition and any certification fees for the Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate will be paid for high school seniors and college graduates within 3 years of graduating. This will allow some of our Black youth who often don’t get out of their own city or state, to see and experience the world. 


~If you want to go fast, go alone—If you want go far, go together~African Proverb